Leila Dey


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Leila Dey Bio

Toronto’s best kept secret, Leila Dey, has been pursuing her dream with persistence and lustre. With musicality embedded in her familial roots, Leila's talent was ingrained in her veins. Born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Leila enhanced her talent and skills by collaborating with various local artists. After being introduced to the urban music scene, her reputation began to expand and blossom. Upon graduating from one of Toronto’s most respected universities with a double major and honours, Leila turned down a huge opportunity in her field of study, and dedicated herself to pursue and achieve success as an artist. Today, Leila is known for lending her smooth textured vocals to artists such as Vybez Kartel, Joel Ortiz, King Reign and Redway. She also performed at festivals like Luminato and Manifesto and did interviews with Vibe105.5 and G98.7. 

After battling the devastating loss of her sister in late 2015, Leila transformed her thoughts and emotions into her craft, and finally put her heart, mind and soul into music. She released in October 2015, an EP entitled ‘I’ve Arrived’ in dedication to her sister. Leila’s music is a blend of R&B, Alternative R&B, Soul and Hip Hop. In July of 2016 her single ‘Vibe’ was released featuring Hakeem Roze which received over 10,000 plays on SoundCloud and also gets airtime on mainstream radio in Toronto. Leila starred in her debut film titled ‘Sweetheart’ written and directed by Martha McGrath and is set to be released in 2017. February 13th 2017 marks the release of Leila's best work yet. Black Bouquet is an incredible EP that tells a story of a girl who gets the love she's yearned for and then loses it all. It's told through Leila's sometimes sultry but always smooth and soulful vocals. Leila Dey’s shyness and timid personality transforms while on stage, and her voice brings everything to life, beautiful in every way. With hopes to inspire others, Leila is finally at the starting line, and she is onward to achieving great success.


Photographer: Jodianne Beckford