Leila Dey



The Dey Dreamers Program is an artist development program for emerging recording artists and/or songwriters. This program enables young women to see themselves as creators and beneficiaries of their own professional artistic careers. The Dey Dreamers Program was founded by Leila Dey and was designed for young people between the ages of 15-24, who would not otherwise have access to a professional services or a music facility. This innovative program is based on the concept that artists can teach other artists how to become better by educating the participants about what they themselves have learned thus far on their artistic journey. The Dey Dreamers Program is designed to equip 5 young women per semester with the skills they need to develop as recording artists and songwriters. In turn, this allows the mentoring artist(s) to continue to develop themselves while giving back to their community.  The Dey Dreamers Program currently gathers at Sandbox Studios (a professional recording studio located in the downtown Toronto core).